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Biocube 14 fan upgrade

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There is NOT a lot of info I've found by searching the past day on this topic...most of it seems outdated, but here goes.


I'm trying to upgrade the stock fans in my biocube 14. I need to increase the air flow so it can keep my tank cool!


As far as I can tell, the size is 50x50x10. I have found a replacement fan at new egg:




I'm going to get two of those. The problem is, it seems that the stock fans are 2 wires, whereas this one is 3 wires, so it's not going to be a simple plug and play.


Anyone know how to go about wiring this? Or is there some 2-3 pin convertor out there I can buy that will work?


Or hey, does this idea sound stupid and you have another recommendation for me? I'll gladly take that as well!


Thanks in advance for any help!

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most 3 wire fans have a tach sensor for speed control. In a 2 wire setup you user only power and ground and it will run at full speed. I would probably just tape off the third wire. Chances are the wire colors are red, black and blue off of the existing fan. Red is power and black is ground with blue being speed control.

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well the PC fan will not plug into the stock biocube fan controller as I said in that fan.

The third wire either yellow or blue can be ignored all together.

And it will take more then just the 2 fans to keep it below 80's unless you chop the top and upgrade to 80 or 120 mm fans.


Upgrading the 2 stock fans kept mine from reaching the 84-85 degree mark but kept it around 81-83 when I added to two extra 50 mm fans it dropped my temps down to the 78-80 range (again ambient temperature pending).

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I bought 2 replacement fans when I had one start making a bunch of noise. I tracked the temps one day with the fans exhausting out of the holes and got in the low 80s all day. The next day i switched them to suck air into the lighting area and it dropped the temps enough to keep the tank below 80.


I have the heater set at 77 and the tank stayed JUST below 80 during the hottest part of the day.


Also I noticed that the air coming out of the fans in the factory setup didnt seem to be removing much heat. Then when I swapped them around it was a noticable amout of heat coming from the vents on the side.


Hope this helps

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