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Radion/SOL Light Shield?

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Not sure if anyone can help with this...was thinking perhaps inTank o_o


Considering a Cadlights 70g Artisan II tank...would end up with a Radion or two SOL's. Issue is tank placement, it will be on a side wall between the couch and TV. While sitting on the couch we would be below the fixture, possibly being blinded by it.


Anyone seen, or thought of, some sort of an angled shield that wont interfere with light spread, but will save eyeballs?

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Just build a canopy for the fixtures and you would never have a problem.


Canopies are ugly... Wouldn't want to ruin the look of a bad ass rimless tank with a fugly lid o_o

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make a hanging canopy.

i had the same problem when the tank was in the living room close to the tv.

all i did was made a really sleek canopy and hung it over the tank,i went to the hydroponics shop and picked up reflector sheets and kinda angled them in the canopy,


looked sorta like this.



|\........| leds here|......../|

| \.............................../ |


ignore all those dots,theyre just empty space.i had to put them there because it would mess up the"drawling"

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I ended making a box out of home depot/lowes acrylic. It shades the radion, hides the crap sticking out the back chambers and keeps the fish from jumping out. Also allows me to attach a dual fan.


I painted it black with plastic paint and put a few coats of spar varathane.



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are you looking for something like this? they are not my pictures, but maybe you can use that as reference on making a light shield



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YES! That is what I'm after! The one pictured seems to be made of metal, would rather have acrylic (lighter and possibility of a custom logo/design etched in it).


Thank you for posting the pictures :) Now to contact some of the acrylic people here!

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