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Mr Pants

Wow thank you

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Mr Pants   

This is a little late in coming because my computer died soon after the order but I wanted to relate my most recent experience with reef cleaners.


I ordered 100 large hermit crab shells for my growing clean up crew. When the shells arrived they were all beautiful, but mostly too big or the wrong shape for hermits. I wrote to John saying maybe I should have bought mediums, and included pictures of the shells in the batch I got that were perfect. I asked if I could place an order for medium shells and have them hand picked for certain types that the hermits liked.


My computer then went and died. The next I heard from reef cleaners was from the package that arrived free of charge full of perfect hermie homes. Wow! I didn't expect him to send them for free. I know the shells are cheap, but shipping is expensive. I really appreciate it and so do the hermit crabs. Most are already enjoying their new shells.

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