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Am I going insane?

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Hah. Well I've been working on two tanks in the past couple months. In and out of work, it's just tank overload..


So what I did in the past couple weeks. I DIY'ed a stand out of an american classics, standard 24"x24" counter top from the home depot. I took a piece of 24"x24" 1" thick precut oak for the surface, filled in some gaps, sanded, and painted it black.


The thing about this cabinet that makes me slightly nervous is the fact that the side walls are fiber board, and the bottom inner cabinet is fiber board, braced underneath with a standard house beam cut to size. Every time I look at it, I need to know if I'm going insane, or will this stand actually be okay? It's only a 25g cube.


It looks like it's working okay.


the issues


1. the side walls are fiberboard

2. the moisture from the sump the the inside cabinet.

3. warping in the future.


I didn't spend a fortune, but If you guys think this thing will fail in the future, I may try to replace it.


some pictures.


Notice the top of the oak from the inside, I also braced it with a piece of teak (very very hard wood) across the center.










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Top will probably be ok but I'm not sure about the fiber board. I personally would prefer solid wood or plywood. I strongly suggest you cut some vents in the cabinet and run a couple of small computer fans to vent te moisture that will build up.

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Lol yeah.. I just don't feel like it.. Really just trying to get someone to butter me up and tell me it's fine lolol. I have second thoughts.. I have no livestock other than cycled rock. Might have another use for the cabinet if I don't use it as a tank setup..



Anyone have the cad lights 39 g pro series black cabinet? http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?main_pa...products_id=104 would it fit a 10g sump? Room for plumbing to it?

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As long as the face frame and back are secured well it should provide the lateral or side to side strength to hold it together. Keep the spills and moisture down and it should last quite some time, especially if you seal the particle board inside.


I would also cut some vent holes in the sides or back and maybe install a small low speed computer fan so it is blowing cool dry air inside the cabinet and carrying away the warmer moist air. Don't install a fan sucking hot damp air out, it will fail much quicker and is not as efficient.

This will also help with oxygen transfer for a healthier tank.

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