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bio balls still in 2nd chamber

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so my bio balls are still in my second chamber of my 29g bio cube. i was wondering how to go about getting them out for the in tank media baskets? do i take them out all at once and install the baskets or should i take out enough to get the media basket in. then take the other ones out a little later for the refuge?

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If you tank has been set up for say 3+ months than take a handful out every 3-4 days. Once they are all out siphon the bottom of the chamber clean and add the basket.

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I have the 14 gal bio-cube. Everyone said "take out the bio-balls ASAP". When my tank was about 3 weeks old, I took out about 1/3 of the balls and put a bag of chemi-pure elite over the top of the remaining bio-balls and put filter floss over that. A week or so later, when my media basket arrived, I took out the remaining balls and installed the media basket with filter floss/purigen/chemi-pure elite. I added some "Special Blend" which is basically pure bacteria at the same time. I also add a little of this with each new addition to the tank. My tank is now about 7 weeks old and everything seems to be doing fine. Water parameters are good.

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