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Large Aqarium weight

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I have been wondering lately as I'm moving and getting a larger tank in the process how large of a tank can you have on a second story or a house with a basement before supports are needed to reinforcement.


For specifics I'm looking at a 125 and though I haven't found a place to stay just yet, I've looked at an apartment that would be on the second floor but newly built and I don't know which way the trusses run either. The other couple places we've looked had no basement and were single story so no problems there but in case we end up in a second story or basemented place I want to know we'll be safe.


Thanks for the help guys!

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as for weight, youre looking at roughly 10 lbs per gallon of water. So over 1200 lbs.


Honestly, because the weight is very well spread on the floor (dont build a stand thats based on a tripod...) then its usually not much of an issue. If you place the stand near a wall there is a lot of bracing there and there shouldnt be any issues.


that said, old places probably cannot hold a large tank on a second floor.


also, some places are not rated for that kind of pressure, it doesnt mean they couldnt easily hold one, but their insurance isnt going to be happy.


whats the take home? most apartment owners ARE NOT going to allow you to put a large tank on the second story. If its a newly built place, it could probably hold it though. Be sure to ask if they will allow it.

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