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INDMAS 9th Annual Frag Swap-- Sat. April 28th-- Indianapolis, IN

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Hello everyone,


I would like to invite you all to our 2012 Frag Swap at the Northside Knights of Columbus, 2100 E. 71st Street, Indianapolis, IN on Saturday April 28th. We always have lots of great vendors, awesome raffles prizes, and plenty of fun. Admission is $5. Non-reefing spouse/children etc. will not be charged admission.


The swap is also listed on Fragswapper. If you plan to attend, and want to reserve frags, pre-sell, or work out trades withother hobbyists this is by far the easiest way. Be sure to register for the event and start making those frags now.





There are 20 spots available for hobbyist that would like to set up a tank at the frag swap. Each spot is 1/2 of a 6-foot table and the cost is $10 for members, $15 for non-members (includes admission). Spots have been going fast so if you want one don't wait until last minute.


If you plan to set up a tank, you will need to bring your own extension cord and powerstrip. Please limit your electrical usage to one heater, powerhead and light.


You can reserve your table by paying for it on Paypal. Pay treasurer@indmas.org. It's first come, first serve. Please include your screenname when you make your payment. We will also have several tables available for those who would rather bring bagged livestock. These FREE tables are not reserved, but we ask that you not bring more than 12 bagged items.


Vendors interested in attending the event or sponsors wishing to donate items please contact our Club Treasurer Lisa at treasurer@indmas.org for more detailed information. We only have a few vendor spaces remaining.


For the latest up to date swap information visit our club site.




Hope to see you there!!!



Platinum Sponsor









Grand Prize Sponsor






The Reef Aquarium Shop in Indianapolis has generously donated a Rimless 60 Gallon Cube and all the equipment to go with it including stand, K2 Viper Light, ASM skimmer, 2 Koralia Power heads, Eshopps Sump, Return Pump, plumbing, etc. plus we are throwing in a $100 Gift Certificate to top it off.





































































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All hobbyist and vendors spots are now full. We are really excited and the event is less than 2 weeks away.


Premium Aquatics is once again our Platinum Sponsor



Here is our Final Vendor List from all across the US.


Premium Aquatics

The Reef Aquarium Shop

Orphek LED

Reef Filtration

Inland Aquatics

ReefKoi & Evolution LED


Eye Candy Coral

Booyah's Reef

Reef Deep


Coral Pets

Captains Corals

Rapid LED

Funny Fish Aquatics


Plus we've got several hobbyists bringing their goods as well.



The raffle this year is another big one with thousands of dollars in prizes from our generous sponsors.



We have the grand prize listed above plus all these:



18000K Dif-30 Pendant LED light donated from Orphek

Blue Dif-30 pendant LED light donated from Orphek

Protein Skimmer from Reef Filtration

Vortech MP40w ES pump

1" Sea-Swirl Wavemaker donated by Sea-Swirl

8 Gallon JBJ Nano tank with 8 w Skyy Light

Reef Crystals 160 Gallon Salt Mix Bucket

200 Gallon BIO-ACTIF Salt bucket valued

Elos Calcium test kit

Elos Mag Kit valued

Elos Carbonate Hadness test kit

ReefKeeper Elite Basic V2

Sybon HD Refractometer

Eheim-Jager TS 300 Watt heater and holder

48" ReefBrite Blue LED Strip light

$50.00 Gift Certificate donated by Coral Pets

$100.00 Premium Aquatics gift certificate

$50.00 Gift Certificate donated by SaltCritters

(2) $25.00 Gift Certificates donated by Air, Water & Ice

Reef Fishes Volume 1

Reef Fishes Volume 2

Aquarium Corals by Borneman

Aptasia Zapper

Deluxe BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor with 1/2 gallon GFO from Bulk Reef Supply

Blow Hole pump donated by Reefflo Pumps (info on PA site)

Turbelle Nanostream 6015 pump donated by Tunze

Coral Fix epoxy donated by Tunze

RO/DI unit donated by SpectraPure

ORP Controller donated by Aquatic Life

Chemi-Pure Elite

Vita Chem


26" Aquatongs donated by PikStik

32" Aquatongs donated by PikStik

36" Aquatongs donated by PikStik

48" Aquatongs donated by PikStik

MultiPacks Rod's Food donated by Rod

Advantage UV Sterilizer by Aqua Ultraviolet

1 Pair Snowflake Clowns donated by Booyahs Reef

$50.00 gift certificate from Funny Fish Aquatics

2- True 20,000K Full Spectrum Double Ended MH Bulbs donated by Hamilton Technology

2-Small Algae Magnets donated by Hamilton Technology

2- Aqua Euro Siphon Pumps donated by Hamilton Technology

2-Aqua Euro Siphon Cleaners donated by Hamilton Technology

2- Dual Light Digital Timers donated by Hamilton Technology

(2) $25.00 Gift Certificates donated by Air Water Ice

Aqueon Marine Flake Food donated by Central Aquatics

Aqueon Marine Granules food donated by Central Aquatics

Kent Pro-Scraper II (1) short kit and (1) 24-36" Extendable donated by Central Aquatics

Magnetic Frag Rack donated by Ocean Wonders

(1) 25 pc Coral Frag Plugs by Ocean Wonders

(1) 20 pc Coral Frag Disks donated by Ocean Wonders

(1) 20 pc Coral Frag Tiles donated by Ocean Wonders

Magnetic Frag Rack donated by Eyecandy Coral

6 pc Supplement Packs donated by Brightwell Aquatics

30 Different Supplements donated by Ecological Labs

Marineland Reef Master Test Kit

Marineland 100 Watt Submersible Heater

Marineland Light Timer

Instant Ocean Marine Conditioner

Instant Ocean Calcium Booster

Instant Ocean Marine Stabilizer

2 Corals donated by Captains Corals

12 Ultrapremium LED DIY Kit donated by Rapid LED

4.25"x9" Heatsink donated by Rapid LED

Vida Rock, Barnacle and Frag Plugs donated by Ceremeco

Galaxy Select a Watt Ballast (150w-250w) donated by Sunlight Supply

Journals and Book donated by Dirk

Zoo frags donated by Zoanthids.com

$50.00 Gift Certificate donated by Reefkoi

Reef Deep Donation

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