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FS: Fully stocked BC29 with Nanotuner 4.6 LED retrofit

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Due to a possible job relocation next year, I'm putting my first reef experiment on sale (price is what I paid pretax)


Oceanic Biocube 29 gallons ($250)

Stock stand by Oceanic ($150)

Retrofitted hood with Nanotuners 4.6 LED kit ($400)

Vortech MP10 (nonwireless) ($220)

Tunze 9002 with inTank cup for middle chamber ($150)

inTank rack for chaeto in right chamber ($45)

Homedepot-mod back fuge light ($30)

100w Fluval heater ($25)

ATO by JBJ ($100) with 2.5 gallon reservoir in stand

Maxijet 1200s



one pair of true percs (female 2", male 1.5")

one blue tang (3")

one while tail damsel (1.5")

one blue tail damsel (1.5")

one cleaner shrimps

2 snails, 3 hermit crabs

one 3" maxima clam




4" dia mini maxi, frogspawn (large colony), hammerhead (small), duncan (7 heads), armor of god (20 heads), nuclear green palys (15 heads)


5" diameter orange montipora (grew from 1.5" frag in 8 months), purple digitata (large colony), some sort of neon green sps colony, 15 heads of orange acan, 4 mushrooms, 2 rocks fully covered with green star polyps.


System is a year old and currently runs without flaws. Also have a single BRS reactor with GFO hooked up, also part of the deal.


I would like to sell everything (including livestocks and some extra equipment like refractometer, 2 parts B-Ionic and timers, powerstrips) LOCALLY for a nice deal of....wait for it....$750. PM is key. Pix can be send by email if interested.





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