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Bilti`s 2.5G DIY AIO Pico

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I had a very old wish to make a small pico reef for my office so I said that now is the time. As the ordinary glass is not the best decision for such a tank I have decided to go with the ultra clear type : Diamant de Saint Gobain.


Below you can compare the quality, in the left is the ordinary one.




After ordering the glass is time to use the silicon and make the tank. Due to it miniature size the quality of the seal is very important and we have to use some tape.


84294b180325631.jpg 4482f8180325637.jpg


the tank is 26x23x16 cm and 5 are reserved for the filtration located in the back. In inch this is coresponding to 10x9x6 so a total volume arround 2.6 gallons.


The back will have a DIY background in order to hide the pump and the filtration.


to be continued

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Looking very good. It's worth noting though that the smaller the tank the less important starfire glass is, because smaller tanks use thinner glass. The effect becomes more pronounced as the the glass gets thicker.

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Thanks Astking. The regular glass has a very bad quality here and this was the main reason to go for ultraclear.


Back to my pico now is time for hood preparation!


For this I use a DIY one made out of komatex and cover with black tape (is a kind of tape which is use to cover large area and to give a wood look. I don't know the word in English).


First I want to cut the hole for the LED`s. The main purpose is to have the heatsink out of the hood. This is to keep the water cool.

f2e02d180364100.jpg c9f0c4180364147.jpg


19690b180364187.jpg fabf92180364240.jpg

LED, pump and electrical connection:


Base on my experience I have choose the 10watt led model so 2x10000K and 2x actinic blue under driven at 2,5watt. In total of 10watt.


c82a08180364296.jpg f48ab8180364447.jpg



25a22d180364473.jpg 061421180364518.jpg



And this is the final look:



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Background preparation:


Step 1: make a thin layer of silicon on the back.

06e8a5180827097.jpg 99eaee180827113.jpg


Step 2: use some coral coarse higher dimension. press it with your finger on the silicon layer



Step 3: use some coral sand and press it with your finger on the silicon layer


Step4: put some silicon on the background and on the back of the rocks press and press it on the background.

31027a180827144.jpg 25e847180827150.jpg

Final result:


a3b505180827176.jpg 72ef48180827183.jpg


Wait at list 5 days and fill it with water:


First day after the set-up:



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new additions: sexy shrimp and a small clown fish:



521363183858534.jpg 7fb8d2183858551.jpg 75b230183858576.jpg


bcdf02183858601.jpg a6b786183858611.jpg ff517d183858623.jpg

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I like the rock walls.I seen someone put barnicle shells in one of theres i thought it was a good place for a fish to hide.

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The algae is from the old setup. I hope to solve it in time with a blue leg hermit. Can I use other method?

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Emerald crab, hermits. I would say don't have the lights on long for a couple days ton try and starve it and water change.

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