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Anemone Glass Shrimp making Frogspawn mad?

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So I just recently purchased a anemone glass shrimp, he was dancing all around the tank in the store so I had to have em. Well when I put him in my tank he immediately hosted the frogspawn, which is making my frogspawn mad. It hasn't fully extended in days, will it die? I also don't think the shrimp has eaten at all. The shrimp never leaves, just sit their and dances around which is pretty cool. Ive tried moving the shrimp away and he always goes back. any way to get him to un-host it?

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Hmmm, not sure, maybe some time and they will get adjusted

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I replied to your thread on michiganreefers about this. Maybe you should try researching before you buy something? Without an anemone this shrimp is pretty much doomed.



This type of shrimp needs an anemone for two main reasons.


1. For protection.

2. For food.


The anemone shrimp actually eats some of the anemone and usually they won't accept much else. He is in the Frogspawn because it is the closest thing to an anemone he can find for protection. He can't eat it though.

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