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substrate question

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Hi guys. I'm thinking of using black sand in my contest pico. I remember hearing that black sand had some cons, but i cant seem to find too much online about it. So, other than detritus buildup being more noticable, does anyone have any thoughts? I was also thinking about mixing coarse black with fine whiteish sand in order to obtain a speckled effect. Is this a terrible idea?


Finally, has anyone used the petco brand sand at all? seems good, coarse enough not to blow all over, but fine enough to still look like sand. I just wanna make sure it isnt gonna leach silicates like crazy or sumthin. Thanks!

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Black sand also sometimes has magnetic pieces inside. These can attach to magnet cleaners and really scratch up the inside of your tank if you are not careful.


The salt and pepper look can be a little strange. I would mix a small amount together to see if you like it. Once its mixed its almost impossible to separate them again even if they are different sizes. Mixed sands may also give the impression that it is always "dirty" as the white speckles might look more like extra debris and unwanted particulate.

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I run Tahitian Moon and it stays clean as long as I siphon weekly. It is definitely magnet and I have to be extra careful with the mag float.

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