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Marine Planted (macro algae) Tank

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Hey guys,

My friend is giving away a tank with hood (24"Lx10"Wx12"H). I have been into FW planted and Reef tank since long time and always wanted to setup a marine planted tank.

Here is a George Framer article i came across :



Macro im intrested in keeping are Caulerpa, Feather Caulerpa Runner , Chaetomorpha, Halimeda, Red Flame and some other Macros.


Has anyone made this tank and is successful. How do i Cycle it? and any supplements required? My plan is to add water from my other tank when i do a WC. So reef tank get new water and macro tank gets the reef tank water (nitrates and stuff) the filteration im planning is just some carbon and GFO mixed, will be changed every month or 15 days. No protein skimmer.


Fishes will be 1 or two locally caught goby, 2 hermits and a pair of clown.

Will add a wavemaker 3000 lph. sandbed will be 1.5" thick aragonite sand.


Any suggestions? the tank will be coming in a week or two. So got some time to discuss.

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There are a few people on here that have macro tanks. Here's mine as an example:



You can cycle it just like any other tank, with rock and sand. You can add the macro algae during the cycle as long as your ammonia doesn't get too high.They will grow quickly under the high nutrient conditions of the cycle and they will also suck up nutrients that would otherwise feed nuisance algae.


For filtration, I would leave out the GFO unless nuisance algae becomes a problem. My tank has no filtration whatsoever and I just use water changes to control nutrients. If nutrients get too low, I feed the fish more and skip a water change and if they get too high I do an extra water change.

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