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The Water Box

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55 gallon standard

21 gallon home made acrylic sump

Coral Compulsion par38 14, 000k LED Flood Bulb (x2)

Exotic par38 20,000k Cree LED Flood Bulb

24" T5HO (×4) two blue, two 6,500k

Eshopps 300 overflow

Aqueon 950 gph circulation pump (×2)

Aqueon pro series 200w heater

Odyssea PS 160 skimmer

Phosban 150 gfo reactor (running carbon only)

Catalina Aquarium 850 gph return pump



false percula clown

royal gramma

yellow watchman goby

three stripe damsel

yellow tail blue damsel ×2

bicolor blenny



various hermit crabs

various snail species (too numerous to count)

scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp

three porcelain crabs (MIA)

maxi mini nem



Corals: (Im sure ill leave something out)

green frogspawn

maroon frogspawn

branching hammer

red monti cap

green monti cap

green birdsnest

hyacinth birdsnest

candy cane

unkown chalice

green finger leather

devils hand leather

cabbage leather

pulsing xenia

kenya tree

bubble coral

white mouth lobophilia

red mushroom

blue mushroom

green mushroom

green star polyps

green implosion palys

some kind of favia

3 different photsynthetic gorgonians

and a few types of zoanthids

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I like it! I can't wait to see how it goes sumpless. I want a bigger tank but don't really want a sump.


Your scape is nice! I like the minimalistic rock. What are your plans for stocking?

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More lps, branching monti and other easy sps, yellow tang, blue hippo tang, royal gramma, and i need to beef up the cuc. Currently it has a false perc, bangaii cardinal, yellow watchman, and yellow tail blue damsel.


I went with a minimal rock scape mostly for swimming room, but also to get good flow on all sides and try to keep waste from accumulating. I also have grown to like the look of minimal scapes, if done right. I would have liked it a little taller but since its not leaning against the back glass this is as tall as im taking it.

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New addition :D




Two 950gph aqueon powerheads should be here tommorrow and my lights are back ordered and wont ship till the 27th.

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Powerheads came in and i couldnt be happier. Im running two aqueon 950s and one aqueon 500

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Very nicely executed :) It has loads of interest, but still feels quite zenesque.

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Very nicely executed :) It has loads of interest, but still feels quite zenesque.

Thank you! that means alot to me, because aquascaping is what i enjoy most in the hobby. I played with a few elements during my WC today. Found better places for a few things and tried to highlight a cool piece of branch rock that was previously hidden in the pile. Ill get pictures up when everything settles down and quits looking pissed off. I need to keep my hands out lol.

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Im new to tangs. What does everyone feed your tang? Iv been feedng cyclopleeze and tosted seaweed from wallmart. Is this sufficient? He seems to love them both. I tried feeding romane lettuce but he wouldnt touch the stuff. I keep the seaweed crushed up in a gold fish food container and feed it like flake food because he wont eat it from a clip.

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Nori and algae pellets too, I think.

Please can you get a kole tang? They are the prettiest tangs that not many people have. :)

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I think im maxed out on bioload right now. But if i do add another fish down the road im pretty set on a blue hippo tang. Their blue color is really bold in person. Then ill have like half the cast of finding nemo lol.

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I really like your aquascaping. Looks like you have plenty of room for things to grow and fish to swim :)

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^ thank you :)


Just got home to find that my blue zoa frag fell into my bubble coral. I moved them off to the side for now until i can get some more putty. *fingers crossed*

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Transformer blew this morning and the power has been out for an hour or more. I dont know how long it will be before they get the power back on. The temp has dropped 2° and there is no circulation. What can i do ?

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Get a bag of really hot water and float it in your tank. Stir the water with a spoon or something.


Wait until someone can come and check out that fuse.

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I have ziploc bags of hot water floating in the tank now. Im about to go see if someone has a generator I can borrow.

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Oh no!


Many automotive booster packs have standard power outlets on them. Perhaps you can dig up a charged one of those to supply some power. While it wouldn't run your heater for long, it would run other things for a while.

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Got a genorator here hooked it up and a few minutes later the power came back on. Story of my life. Im gonna get a small generator of my own though i want one for my truck.


Thank you for the help guys the bettery air pump is a good idea i have one at the lake house for minow buckets. I forgot about it.

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