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Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

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Link to FTS/FES Thread!

~Contest Entry Deadline is 4/1/12~

~Contest Ends 10/1/12~



Background: This contest is for anyone who is starting a pico tank and from the second you read this, until April 1st, 2012, so go grab a pico and join in on the fun. As long as your display tank is three gallons or less, you qualify for it! It doesn’t matter if you’ve keep reefs for years, or if this is going to be your first tank, anyone can join!




-You need to start a Nano-Reef thread for your entry, which you can name whatever you’d like, but the topic description for your tank thread must include, “My 3 and Under Pico Contest Entry”

-This thread must be maintained throughout the entire contest.

-Tanks will livestock cannot be entered into the contest, but if your tank is still cycling and has no livestock (other than a clean-up crew), you may enter.


-Must list all equipment addtions and Livestock additions and losses in the thread.

-All modding is acceptable including but not limited to, changing fixtures, pumps, powerheads, filters, drilling the tank itself, or even sumping the tank!

-Sumps can be no larger than the tank itself, for example, a two-gallon display tank can have a two-gallon tank, but nothing larger than that of the display itself.

-Building your own tank is also acceptable; so all you DIYer’s can go crazy, the participant just need clarify the dimensions of the tank and the tank capacity. Click on link below for tank volume calculator.



-If your tank crashes after April, 1st 2012, you are out of the contest.

-This is so no one can restart their tanks throughout the entire contest.


-Any tank that is three gallons or less qualifies for the contest.



-If you follows these rules, you’re pretty much in the clear, just remember….KEEP THE DISPLAY TANK 3 GALLONS OR LESS!



Dates and Deadlines:


-Entry deadline is 4/1/2012.

-3 Month Build and 3 Month established period.

-No new equipment after 5/1/12.

-Bulbs and filtration are the only exception. Replacement pumps, lights, or other equipment can be added at anytime, but must be the exact same product. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

-No addition livestock after 7/1/12.

-Clean-up Crew can be added throughout the entire contest.

-You must submit one FTS and FES every first day of the month.



-Here is a list of dates to show the different deadlines of the contest, for all you people who like to see it all written out.


March 7th,, 2012: Contest officially starts and participants can start to cycle their pico tanks. Any type of equipment additions or moddings are acceptable, but no additions of livestock.

April 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. Livestock can now be added! New equipment can still be added and/or modded. Last day for contest sign-up.

May 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. No new equipment can be added, so you better have your system exactly how you want it! Livestock can still be added.

June 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. No new equipment or modding, but you can still add livestock!

July 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. Last day to add livestock! Now watch your tank flourish.

August 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. No new additions or equipment changes allowed, just keep up the hard work.

September 1st, 2012: FTS and FES by 11:59 PM. No new additions or equipment changes allowed, you’re almost finished!

October 1st, 2012: Today marks the end of the Contest, its been six long months, so clean that glass, and take a quick video explaining your system!



Categories, Sponsors, Prizes, and Judging:




-A big thanks to the people who are willing to help sponsor this contest, we've got some really awesome prizes lined up!


Micro-Reefs.com - Mike Guerrero of Micro Reefs will be donating one of his 1 Gallon TruVu Acrylic Tanks, with a background color of black, blue, or clear! Included with the tank will be a slick NanoMag Magnetic Glass Cleaner, a 7.5 watt Hydor Heater, and an Aquaclear 20! Just think what you could do with one of these awesome tanks!


11GTCS$100 LiveAquaria Gift Card. I don't even know how he's gonna stock his pico after this donation..


boxboy Frag Pack(Winner’s Choice) Pack may include softies, lps, or sps!


C.I._Reefer - 3-4 Coral Frag Pack!


-I’m going to be throwing in a frag pack as well, consisting of a Green Aussie Duncan, Christmas Favia, Kryptonite Candy Cane, and a two polyp frag of Utter Chaos Zoas.




-Each category will have a different prize and judge.

-Each judge will give a score for each category and each category is scored out of a scale of 1 to 20. The scores from each judge will then be compiled and the participant with the highest score will win the corresponding category. The "Best Overall Pico." will be the be decided by which pick has the highest compiled score.


Our three judges for the contest are mikeguerrero, MetaTank, and newman. These guys did a great job of helping me set up the contest judging and the entire contest!



Category – Prize

Best Overall Pico - 1 Gallon Acrylic Tank Kit by Micro-Reefs.com


Best Aquascape – $100 LiveAquaria Gift Card


Most Unique Pico – 4 Coral Frag Pack


Best Growth - Winners Choice Frag Pack


Beginners Luck – Frag Pack





(Will update as more people sign up.)


1. asus

2. banshee

3. BGJ223

4. Bobyboy

5. Buckda

6. Cheese-Lover

7. C.I._Reefer

8. funkngroovy

9. got2envy

10. gaberosenfield

11. grmoore

12. gvp

13. Islandoftiki

14. Kazooie

15. Matt.blair24

16. mtime8778

17. Newlinta

18. Paulsreef42

19. ReefersEdge

20. Robby.F

21. TheNanoReef






~Post on this thread to clarify that you are signing up for the contest, and you will be added!~

*For those who are already on the list, post here too, to make it official!

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tank is in my sig!

Edited by Thornchase

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Woot been waiting all day for this thread

2.5g AGA

Edited by Bobyboy

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I'm in with a 2.5 gallon AGA

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should i use my thread or make a new one? does it matter?

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I am in with either a 3 gallon long or a 2 gallon long!

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I'm in. Tank specs are in the works, I'll be posting them when the tank is built.



My tank thread


Tank dimensions will be:

20" x 6" x 8" - 3.29 gallons w/o LR displacement

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Im in. 3 gallon jbj picotope

Edited by mtime8778

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John and I are in..looks like we have a tank to get running!

I sure am glad this little set up didn't sell. It was posted on another forum but most of the members there have larger tanks.


Thank you for the contest. This gives us a new challenge.. Wow,we sure do love this hobby :P

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Im in with A 3gal cube. Actually this became a family contest tank lol

Both my kids and wife are excited to help with the tank.

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Also, I will be doing some record-keeping and moderating, so if you could, when you make your threads, please post the links here! Thanks!

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can you have more than 1 tank? And have a 1 gallon display and a 2 gallom sump? I would like to have 2 1 gallon displays and a central 2 gallon sump.

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I'm in! My JBJ 3G should arrive tomorrow! :happy:

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can you have more than 1 tank? And have a 1 gallon display and a 2 gallom sump? I would like to have 2 1 gallon displays and a central 2 gallon sump.


yes, if you plumb both tanks into the same sump, that is acceptable. but, both tanks will count as one entry, they can not be separate entries!

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Ugh, if I didn't have 4 tanks already I'd totally do this.

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