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The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

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Please post one FTS (full tank shot) and one FES (full equipment shot) by March 31st.


Thread Guidelines:

The purpose of this thread is to allow contestants and other NR members to easily view the monthly progress of each tank. To keep this thread neat and tidy, please observe the following:


Contestants should post a total of 2 photos in this thread (one FTS and one FES). For organizational purposes, please post them together. The FTS should highlight the contents of your tank (aquascape, corals, inverts, etc.) and the FES should show all of your equipment including lighting, sump, etc. Remember, all of the original equipment that was included with your Tom's deco-kit must be visible in your FES.


Contestants must post a FES/FTS on the monthly thread every month in order to stay in the contest.


Do not post comments on this thread! Contestants will appreciate comments and feedback on their individual tank threads.


Do not post questions about the contest or this thread on this page. Instead, post on the main contest thread or send a pm to streetsong or gupebreedr.


I know we all look forward to viewing each others great ideas and creativity. Good luck to all!

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Here is my 2G pico



Supported by a 34 gallon fuge and 14 gallon sump:





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i cant seam to upload a photo from my phone so i am going to pm streetsong.

Edited by michael P

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sorry for the delay! totally spaced the date! Here is my FTS/FES, nothing new except a few frags



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