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Poor snails

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How long should I leave inactive snails after they've been introduced? Crabs did well- snails appear all dead....it's been close to 24 hours.


Ph 7.8

Salt 1.025

Amm 0

Nit 0

Nitrate O-5


On a side note the crabs aren't eating the snails yet....


Thanks in advance


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My snails didn't move for longer than that and then they all just started wandering. I never removed my dead snails because the hermits quickly ate them when they were for real dead. I know this doesn't help, but if the crabs eat them... you never really gotta take them out.

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Thanks - I hope they make it. I know two are likely dead because they appear to be margarita snails.... Which I believe can only live in a colder reef environment. I was to busy looking at corals when they were being bagged...

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Are they closed up or hanging out of thier shells? if they are closed up they should be fine. If they are hanging out of thier shells not moving then I would think they are dead.


Btw, I have had a Margarita in my tank for 8 months with a constant temp of 79. he does just fine.

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Three of the 8 are alive. I took out four of them for a good whiff with no noticeable smell which is a good sign.


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