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Another +1 for Reef Cleaners

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About an hour ago I received my order from ReefCleaners; a 10 gallon quick crew to supplement the few snails that I already had, and a barnacle cluster.


First, the barnacle cluster exceeded my expectations and is the perfect size for my aquarium, a Nuvo 16.


Now, to the crew. When I first floated the bags I thought everything looked normal. After seeing previous feedback I knew that John would plump the order up a bit. I had no idea. Once I broke the bags open I struggled to get the crew members in the bag into the aquarium before the ones already in crawled out.


In its current location my tank gets a bit of direct late afternoon sun and I was seeing the result of it. Used to. The crew attacked it with vigor and it's already gone.


Now I'm just waiting for the snail pile to dissipate so I can get the barnacle in.

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