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Got my order from John yesterday. I was splitting it with a friend so I took what I thought was half. Took him the rest and he looks at me with a stink eye and says, "dude that's hardly anything...that's crap!" You see.. it was his first order from John so I let him think he got screwed. About an hour later I'm home and he texts me,"man I dumped the snails in and there's a giant clump of them." Then before I coulc respond I got three text messages quickly. "DUDE! There's x LOT of them...." and then "HOLY CRAP there's like 40 on my glass and another 30 in the sand!!!" After that for the next hour or so I got pictures of snails marching in platoons all around the tank."



As always Reef Cleaners and John and Co. You guys are amazing and the only place to get clean up crew. Thanks for a fun story to tease my buddy about!

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