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Do you agree with nano-reef tank size rec's?

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About to get a nuvo 8. This will be the first time I use a tank this small to actually keep a fish in long term.

When looking under the "library" here, I see firefish & sixline wrasse - 10 gal.

Yellowtailed damsel - 5 gallon

Green chromis - 7 gallon

And a few others that seem silly. I know these are minimums, but, green chromis can get really big for a 7 gallon aquarium!

These numbers seem far less than what I see on other sites.

What say you, Nano reef members?

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maybe it is cuz chromis and damsels are sh.it fish that no one really cares about :P. Seriously though, some are on the low side. I typically use live aquaria for recomendations, and then subtract 10-20% for a bare minimum recommendation

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I was considering the nuvo 8 but after calculating that the display only holds about 5.5 gallons and after the addition of substrate and rock it would be around 4 - 4.5 gallons I decided to get the nuvo 16.

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Vendors are always going to err on the side of caution and over estimate.

Compared to other sites, this one does recommend much more liberal stocking. Think of it this way:

This site is going to attract those with smaller aquariums, so naturally other sites won't be as appealing to those with small aquariums. As a result everyone who uses them migrates here, and whats left are those who are traditional and suggest the ridiculous things like "1 inch/ten gallons" and other stupid rules of thumb. These same people then put 5-6 tangs in a 180 gallon tank, breaking their own "rule."


I think this whole gallons definition is stupid also, because the footprint of the tank is much more important than the number of gallons (assuming the biological load isn't the issue). Fish tend to swim back and forth along a tank, not up and down.


If you're looking for a fish, I would stay away from the six line, because that seems like it's pushing it more than the firefish or other fish on that list.

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The nuvo 8 is pretty tiny. I would keep to 1 or 2 gobies, nothing more.

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Like asting said, most other forums consider the majority of our tanks as too small for any fish. In actuality, many fish can be kept in fairly small tanks, but we can still make some decisions on what is appropriate. Behavior is very useful; a hyperactive fish like a flasher wrasse would benefit from more room than a similarly sized ocellaris/percula clownfish.


Also, remember manufacturers often count the back chambers and other non-display areas into the total volume, making their actual sizes smaller than advertised.

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