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Michelle's Husband's 40G

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now... 40B, all within 1 year. This hobby is more addicting than anything in this world. We are in serious need of reef anonymous.




Yes. I have 13 fishes in this small tank. Before the flaming begins, I had to adopt and take care of few fishes that I got from friends and family members who wasn't able to take care of their fishes in their tanks.


Fish list:

Yellow Tang (doesn't give a f**k boss)

Yellowtail Damsel (no aggression)

Three Strip Damsel (peaceful guy)

Chromis x4 (the gang)

Fire Goby (doesn't care about anything)

Yellow Watchmen Goby (defender of a crack between the rock)

Scooter Blenny (eats pellets and mysis and everything else. fattest of them all)

Clownfish Percula/False Percula x3 (nothing in the world bothers them)



Fire Shrimps x2 (cleans the yellow tang)

Porcelain Crab (defender of anemone)

Pistol Shrimp (can't find the watchmen)

snails and hermits x many


Fortunately, my tank-mates do not act aggressive towards each other. They just do their thing and eats ravenously. Biggest pig is the scooter blenny. In the beginning, it didn't eat anything but few pods but after being really skinny for 2 weeks it started eating mysis and so after started taking pellets. Now he grew about an inch and his belly is plump.


I feed heavily, two to three times a day with frozen and pellets. They favor frozen, and its costing me a fortune. I hope I don't need to upgrade soon again T.T

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shoulda just went 40b to begin with IMO :P


Yup. Just picked up a 40b.

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Built a diy stand for the first time. Its a test model and will be use temporarily. I also purchase the power strip that you can control. It is awesome.




Built an diy LED. It consist of 56 leds (half white/blue) in array.

Used 2 heatsink screw to the frame with 2 controller to control the intensity.

Running 2 fans to keep it cool to touch.

Aquastyleonline is the vendor of choice.


Here are more pictures. Sorry for bad quality, don't have $800 to spend on a good camera yet.







Here is my sump in action.

Eheim 1262 for return (very quiet and powerful, recommend to all)

SC65 skimmer (purchased from ebay, works well and fairly quiet. Return pump's vibration is loudest in my sump)

Using 4 4x1w led cool white bulbs for sump light. My sump is full now, anyone need some chaeto? I'm in 91343 area.


Here are few more pics








anemone crab found the anemone.




yellow watchmen looking for food. he only defends he's turf from the scooter blenny. Scooter blenny doesn't give a S**t.




shoulda just went 40b to begin with IMO :P


You are absolutely right. My friend started with a 60 and he saved so much money.

I should toss this 40 and start a 400 from the start :)


Who's Michelle? Apparently, she is more adictive than your hubby. ;)


She is the investor of this tank. She decide what goes in and out and only thing I can do is make it work :)

She wants a goniapora (red flowerpot) and I'm not sure if I'm experienced enough to keep it.

Must keep the investor happy at all cost :)

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picture of some corals


no clue what this is and hasn't grown for 5 months...



got this for free at LFS. Thx Juan at Rainbow Petstore!!!



got this when it had 1 head. now it has over 8 heads and growing rapidly









70 cents clam from supermarket. it moves around the sand at night by spitting its guts/tongue/whatever it is out and buries itself. unfortunately, sandbed not enough... its been in the tank for over 3 months.




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Love me a successful overstocked tank, it looks great :)


How are the parameters with all those fish in there? How often and what do you feed?

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Love me a successful overstocked tank, it looks great :)


How are the parameters with all those fish in there? How often and what do you feed?


+1. What are your parameters with feeding 2-3x a day?


What are your coral plans? Any SPS?

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Thx for your interest.


water parameter:

A, N, N = 0

Calcium, Alk, Ph = normal level (pretty much constant)


weekly 5 gallon water change with insta ocean reef crystal

dose 2 part daily (12ml each)


chemi pure bag is replaced every 1-2 months


chaeto growth have been great and pod population has been booming with green film algae problem.


skimmer skimming half cup of dark black skim per week.


I feed new life spectrum marine fish formula 2 to 3 times daily.

Also feed 2 to 3 cubes of mysis per week.

feed piece of squid to my anemone 3 times a week.

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my guys are extremely hungry :)





fireshrimp waiting for a pellet. loves mysis lot more tho.



i gave away huge chunks to my friends and still so fat.



bubbletip kicking ass.



anemone crab got a hold of it before the clowns.

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Interesting observation:

I had a terrible green film algae problem. I had to clean the glass every day, twice a day, to see whats going on inside. Its been going on for about 3 weeks.


Soon as I added new chemi-pure bag, it stopped the growth significantly.


I am not a scientist and maybe it was a coincidence but I saw significant improvement and recommend to all.

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this is how my clowns sleep




this is how my anemone eats a piece of shrimp



night time



my clam opened up



toadstool tripled since i got it 4-5 months ago



shrimp's rare outing




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Just beautiful! Wow all that fish and they looking healthy!

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