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My 29G Reef

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Current FTS 2/28/2012






Display: 29G 30"x18"12"

Custom Canopy



AI Sol Blue LED Fixture - Black Version


Biological Filter

30 lbs of Live Rock

20 lbs Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live


Filtration and Circulation

Fluvel Canister Filter

Koralia Power Head



2x Clowns

3x Narcissus Snails

Varios other snails and hermit crabs


Weekly Maintence

5G water change

Add supplements such as Calcium, etc.

Trip to my LFS! :)


Sol Intensity Settings

Note: Still Acclimating


White/Blue/Royal Blue - All 30Min Ramps

6AM - 0/10/10

8AM - 5/10/10

10AM - 25/25/30

12PM - 50/60/60

4PM - 35/40/45

6PM - 25/50/65

7PM - 10/35/50

9PM - 8/50/50

11PM - 0/5/5 Lunar Cycle


Future Upgrades


More SPS!


My tank has been a fish-only for about 3 years. I switched to a reef about a year ago.



One of my new SPS. Do you know what it is? I forget what the LFS told me...



My Hammer Coral



My two Clowns


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