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inTank Media Baskets

What should I do with this bowl?


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Saw these 4in "rose bowls" at the dollar store. Decided to drill a hole in one.




Huh, the hole turned out to be the right size for a 1/2" bulkhead.




What should I do now?

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Not much you can do with it because it only has flow in one direction (being used as a tank) and you can't put anything in it really because it'll just fall through the bulkhead/hole.


It is cool though, so a suggestion might be to use it as an overflow box! You could shove a small amount of filter floss or something in it pretty easily and then just mount it to a standpipe to use as an overflow...


Haha... Sorry that's the best idea I can think of right now that hasn't been mentioned...


I like the feeder globe idea though from reeftankguy.

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Drill a Picotope, cover the bowl, run overflow line through bowl, fill with media before it hits the refugium. Bam, carbon reactor. Or if you'd like a closed loop, this could be a free floating chaeto reactor.


Failing that, if you make a tiny stand pipe, cover it with lr rubble, and plumb it in to an existing sump, you can brag about owning the impossible pico full of softies. Stock with 1 sexy, Zoa's, and blue clove polyps. Light it with two Cree's in the "hood". Certain ladies in certain circles will love you, and men in similar circles will want to be you. Everyone else will stare blankly in either awe or indifference (you know, the usual for our hobby.)


That's the best I can come up with, but I have to say the feeder bubble idea is probably the most worthwhile, particularly if you own shrimp and sun coral. You have no idea how much that spineless devil annoyed me while I was feeding...

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if you make a tiny stand pipe, cover it with lr rubble, and plumb it in to an existing sump, you can brag about owning the impossible pico full of softies.


Make the reef using that volume


Ok, you convinced me. It's gonna be the display tank of a femto-reef! B)


The bulkhead will be plumbed to a chamber made of PVC pipe. (Whatever surface I place this on will have a big hole drilled in it to accommodate the plumbing passing through it.) Water will flow down freely to the chamber and be returned to the tank through an airline routed through the bulkhead (a pipe-within-a-pipe).


Circulation will probably be two Tom's Aqualifters ganged together in series or parallel. I could put a little powerhead such as the Tunze Universal (currently being used in my office pico) inside the PVC chamber, but heaven help me if the impeller ever jams. No, I think having external pump(s) is best. One Aqualifter doesn't flow enough, but I think two of them together will.


Lights will be one white one RB Cree XR-E on a 500mA dimmable BuckPuck.


My dilemma now is heat. I can either "A" get one of the inline Rena Smart Heaters or "B" cut the plug off the cord of a standard heater, thread the cord through a PVC cap and seal, then mount a new plug.


"A" is attractive because it's plug 'n' play but I fear with 100W (smallest they make) and the low flow of two Aqualifters, I will get large temperature swings as the thermostat overshoots when it cycles on and off.


So "B" has more promise as I can select a properly sized heater (7.5-15W), but none of those have electronic thermostats (and many, no thermostat at all). That means using a controller, which I'm willing to do, but I have to cut the sensor wire, thread it through the PVC and seal it up, then solder it back together. I fear cutting and soldering will change the resistance of the sensor and screw up the temperature reading. But, this is the way I'm leaning. Even if I have to set the controller to 70° or 90° to maintain 80° in the tank, I guess that's fine. Wait, tank? I mean, bowl. :P



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Builder Anthony

you know what would keep u busy and something i need......ineed a plankton setup to feed a rotifer setup with both system haveing there own air light and doseing system in a small compact efficent system.its something that alot of people here need but to figure out how to set it all up is really complex.2liter bottles should be used for cultures.this is something i think would benit u and other members

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