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AIO or sump?

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I ordered a 22g AIO tank from PicoAquariums.com and just ordered a stand. My original plan was to put it on my computer desk but I came across a relatively inexpensive stand at Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...00_i00_details ) and thought wait a minute, why not turn the AIO into a tank with a sump? I sent a few (ok, a few thousand lol) emails to Chris at Pico and he said he could make it any way I want. I can't say enough good things about Chris as he kept fielding my questions left and right without hesitation. Anyways, I called up my buddy and asked him about the sump and he asked me why I wanted one? I told him I wanted to hide the heater, wires etc. He asked me if I was going to run a skimmer and I told him definitely not as I would just do frequent water changes. As I thought about this, my buddy and I came to the conclusion that I did not need a sump. The AIO would essentially hide all the equipment and wires in the back. I think the AIO would simplify things (the main reason why I took down my 100g) and would still look great without the sump. What do you guys/gals think? Keep it an AIO or add the sump?

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Sump that baby. Why not double or triple the water volume? It will keep things more stable in the long run. I like sumps alot. The keep the display alot less cluttered.

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