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Need Advice about Sandbed

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I'm debating on which dry sand to get to start my Biocube 29 HQI. I want something that wont get blown around my my MP10 but is still good for burrowing fish and inverts. Also, I want to "look" like sans and not small pebbles.


Right now these are the three choices:


Tropic Eden Aragasnow Sugar Size Sand


CaribSea Dry Aragonite Fiji Pink Reef Sand


CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand


If anyone can send me links that have pics of these sands in use would be greatly appreciated. Or if you have any other suggestions feel free to tell me.

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After some more reading I have ruled out the Fiji Pink Sand because a lot of members say an MP10 creates sandstorms because it is too fine. Now I'm leaning towards the tropic eden and the special reef grade.


Does anyone have pic of either of those sands? Or any personal experience with either?

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Special reef grade is cool


I'm interested in it, but the pictures looks more like pebbles than sand to me. That's why I want to see it in a tank.

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