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rock flower nem

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I have a few questions about rock flower nems.


1.can they be kept in a fluval edge with 2 mr16 led bulbs?

2. Can they be kept with a pom pom crab and a firefish?


Thinking of getting a couple.




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I don't think they are photosynthetic


Not sure where you got that info from, but they are photosynthetic.


to OP


I've got one with a pompom crab for almost a year with no problems. I can't speak on the lighting aspect as I have no idea how strong mr16 bulbs are. Rock flower nems have about the same care level as maxi minis.


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Thanks! I know a guy who was able to keep a couple Sps alive under them in his edge. I guess if they start looking like they arent lookin too good I can add more light ;)

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