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wanted to start using an RO system so I won't have to lug containers of water back from the store. I also don't really want to take water from the tap and use a water condition in fear that the conditioner would not get all the organic sediments from the tap water. The water is only for a 5 gal tank. I'm trying to find an RO system that is pretty small (nano) and could maybe hook up to a faucet. The ones that I have found seem pretty large. There was a Tunze system that was for nano tanks but it I believe it was discontinued. Anyone have any advice?

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I use the mighty might. I have a bigger tank (28g), but i think its the smallest/reasonably priced unit there is. Have you considered just sticking with buying distilled water? I used to do that, 2 gallon containers at a time.


With the mighty might, I bought a 'water cooler' jug, 5 gallons, and fill this up and a 1 gallon top off container about once a week.


Only problem is, if you don't use the filter and just let it sit for a while, it does make the filter run out faster (from what i understand). So you still might be better off running to the store!

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You really don't want a small RO/DI.

There is no advantage and several disadvantages to them. For one, they are not much smaller since most use the same top bracket the full size systems do, just a few inches shorter in height. The replacement filters are smaller so do not last as long, cost more to replace, are harder to find and do not come in the low micron ranges preferred for reef use. Remember these are what protects the expensive RO membrane so stick with high quality low micron replacements. The DI is the same, since it is smaller, holds less resin, is horizontal so channels and short circuits, it is not as efficient nor and economical as a full size 20 oz vertical DI.


For $120 you can get a full size reef quality RO/DI with standard size 10" replacement filters and 20 oz of reef specific DI resin that can be refilled not thrown away. It can be hhoked to a faucet with a $12 faucet adapter or to many lkaundry sink faucets and and garden hose or hose bib as is. You disconnect it and store it in a closet or anyplace climate controlled and out of direct lighting when not in use like any system.




You won't find a better system or lower price on a comparable system anywhere.

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