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Hey everyone. I am in need of some help/suggestions. I'm having a hard time with an algae bloom (diatoms) I think and not sure how to cure it.




-BC14 that has been running for about one year.

- I use a BRS 75 GPD RO/DI 5 Stage *PLUS* System, so I know my water is 0 TDS for changes.

- Hanna tester for phosphate is 0.06ppm

- API Nitrate test is 0ppm

- I run filter floss, purigen, and chemi pure elite in the media rack of my BC14

- Lighting is two Panorama Pro modules


I'd say this has been going on for about two months now. My other explanation is maybe when I put my Vortech Mp10 in, it did move around some sand until I toned it down. Could that have caused this, and if so why is it not going away? Literally everyday almost there is a light brown film over the glass. Thanks in advance for any help!!




Trying to show film on glass









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The way to fix that is to remove all algae growth by hand as soon as you see it


In this case you vacuum up the top layer of sand and replace with a new layer a few times and it will stop


Run the siphon roughly over the rock too so it will be cleaned

Repeat as needed, these battles will end if you keep removing the initial biomass instead of letting it take over

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Update time. I've done everything suggested plus more. I fed less, ran a shorter light cycle, cleaned the sand, changed salt from Instant Ocean to Red Sea Pro and I'm still getting the algae. Just yesterday I replaced all of the sand and the tank looked amazing for about a day. Now I'm getting this again.




Anyone have any idea why this wont go away?? Should I just keep replacing a little sand over and over to see if it will stop? I'm almost to the point of breaking the tank down but I feel like it would be a failure and how can I call myself a reefer if I can't handle some algae. Anymore help would rock! Thanks in advance.

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Sure let's go to next level.


Drain all the water out down to the sandbed


Use a paper towel wet but wrung out so it doesn't drip

wipe down insides of glass to catch any mass/film on wall


Use a spray bottle, some kind of fine mister

Lightly hit all areas even on substrate. If there's still a tiny bit of water over the substrate its ok still spray it on target.


Wait a couple mins


Refill half the tank with some of the original water you took out to rinse peroxide and get it back into solution


Drain back out most or all of the water w peroxide in it



Refill with all clean water matching temp and sg to original water.


Pour slowly so you don't kick up sandbed waste


this method attacks water nutrients like n and p


it allows for spot treatment which will absolutely kill that cyano


You can use an easy and weak systemic treatment to hit any follow up but this strong first run gets 99% of the mass


You will enjoy the results


This will not hurt your tank I do it all the time in a much smaller tank that's less forgiving

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You can also proceed naturally and not use peroxide, repeated removal will eventually stop it.


But I'd dose it as a drained treatment its faster and more likely to kill it in one pass

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