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.5 gallon pico


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I have started to build a .5 gallon pico tank.



-its this tank-





I will have pics up in the morning.


So far I have blacked out about 2 inches of the back of the tank so I can put the black divider in so block the heater and powerhead or internal filter from view. I have also made a new base and hood out of wall moldings from home depot. I am in the process of painting these black and coating them in poly urethane for protection from evap.


I am wanting to do this size tank a fowlr because of the simplicity of a fowlr, I might add in some kind of kelp or see grass to make it have some kind of color.


this is where I need your guys input-


stocking plans-


2 sexy shrimp

2 blue leg hermits

1 clown goby? or maybe a different type of goby?


3/4 inch sand bed and one small live rock.


Couple pieces of kelp and a very small patch of grass?



also what light do you think I should use on something this size?

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you shouldn't even be thinking of a fish for 1/2 a gallon o_o let alone all those inverts. maybe one sexy shrimp total but that is pushing it.


i could give you nice algae recommendations though. give me a sec.


ok, Acetabularia for the focus macro, and maybe some Dasycladus for the more compact algae. offers some contrast. but idk if youll be able to obtain it.

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Even if it is just a baby goby and 1 shrimp? isn't the "rule of thumb" 1in per gallon in this case a .5in goby in a .5 gallon? especially since they just hang out on the bottom anyways? I feel if I would have a 3 gallon wit the same bottom dimensions than a goby would be okay?

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Anyone else have anymore input? or there own opinion?


I do like the idea of just having a shrimp or two since my original idea was a freshwater shrimp/planted tank


It would be super appreciated :D

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another idea is to do one bumblebee shrimp and a bumblebee snail (maybe those would be too much, idk) and the macro species suggested. would look very unique!

thats a bumblebee shrimp in my profile pic if you want to know what they look like. they are very small relatives of harlequin shrimp. though these can do well w/o starfish in their diet. mine ate mysis when i had them.

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Builder Anthony

mini brittle stars but you seriously need to know about everything you plan to place in there and you should know exzactly what light heights .........know your evaporation rate ....should have ato.no fish.you should know you need a bigger tank for fish.i think anythings possible but this will require alot of dedication

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I'm all ready for the dedication. It's just the "rules" for the amount of "fish-per-gallon" are quite different in salt rather thank fresh. I like the idea of one or two shrimp with macro, it'll look awesome!


I am also building an ATO. This is actually the reason why I built a custom hood so I would be able to neatly accommodate an ATO. I don't want a PETCO hamster bottle sticking out of the top of my tank lol.


Any idea's for a light and fixture for this size of tank?

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Builder Anthony

depends on what you decide 2 put in there.....just take your time.personaly id just make it out of glass.those tanks look like scrathable plastic,cut glass would be cheap

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depends on what you decide 2 put in there.....just take your time.personaly id just make it out of glass.those tanks look like scrathable plastic,cut glass would be cheap


I have one of those for BBS and my brother scratched it with his camera lens trying to get a macro shot. They do scratch easily.

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