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Marineland tank 18x18x19 25g


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After successfully runninga 90g tank, i am downsizing to 225g tank.
:unsure: oh, I see...a 25 gallon tank.


I'd probably use something small. Maybe a couple hundred GPH, like a MaxiJet 1100 (294 GPH at 0 head, 175 GPH at 3’ head). You might also consider a Mag-3 if you want some more flow.

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Personally, I think returns should be decently strong. I like the taam rio pumps. Maybe the 1400 UL? At 3ft 290gph.

Make sure your overflow can handle it of course.

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I just bought one of these. I had a 46 bow before, I'm going to shoot for the same pump. A Maxi utility 3000, I'll have a ball valve on the return, running a 20g sump, and a 700gph over flow. Call me nuts, but I don't "feel" like spending any more money to downgrade! :D

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