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Filtration help on new 12" cube *newbie warning*

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I'm am relatively new to the whole nano reef scene. I have kept FOWLR tanks before just running live rock as the only form of filtration but that was a while ago.


My plan for this cube is to run a pair of clowns with some live rock, possible adding a few beginner level corals and maybe an anenome Depending on how confident I am.


I don't have the potential to run a sump and it is in a bedroom so needs to be quiet.


What sort of filtration do you guys recommend, I'm not fully aware of the filtration techniques and medias used in marine tanks as the past 8 years all my experience has been in fresh water.


Also can my filtration be my only source of flow? Or does filtration need to be stand alone and add a powerhead in to the tank separately?


I have notice a common trend of converting aquaclears to refugiums

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i would run the aqua clear 70 and a small powerhead like a koralia nano 240

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What media would you put in the aquaclear? Or would u use it as a refugium

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