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Banshee's 14G BioCube

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Bump! I've been MIA forever it seems! I ended up telling the crappy job to shove it and going back to my old job. I'm much happier now. :happy: The downside was I had to take down my 3G and cram it all into my BC14. It's very packed with rock now and I haven't added any coral because I want to get my 40 running. It was all set to go but the stupid Danner MagDrive that I bought doesn't work and I haven't sent it in to be replaced yet. I'm actually debating scrapping the 40b altogether and going with something smaller or maybe 2 tanks side by side.


Anyway, here's some shots from the BC14 as it currently stands!





My clownfish is hosting!



One of my mini mini nems



Green mushroom:



Yuma from ScubaEthan:





Xenia and zoas:



Fuzzy mushrooms:



Fiesta the Mandarin is still kickin'!



Sun coral, gorgs, and rics:






And just for fun... I got purple highlights! :P


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Love the tank! And your highlights look good too :D

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Looks great, Banshee -- all of it! Congrats on moving back to happier work :).

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Well.....heellloooo!!!!!!!!! I've been wondering when you'd make an appearance again!!!!!! :happy:


You've been missed!!!!!!!


Your tank is looking FANTASTIC!!!!! I see the NPS gorg is doing really well!!!!!! Love your purple highlights too :)

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Are you still using your Panorama Pros Modules, how long are they lasting? Update?! :)

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Looks great!


Top right the little ledge under the snail looks like there are aptasia on it ... IDK could be tube worms as well. Tank looks great though, I think it's time to place those rics against the rockwork and let them spread for now until you get the other setup going.


Awesome on the hair, wish I could pull off the multi-colored do. B)

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Still have the panoramas. My corals look like crap though. About to start over with a new 24x24 cube.


Hey Randi! Yep, I have aiptasia but it's under control. Most of my rics disappeared. I think they blew behind the rockwork. Hopefully I'll find them when I move over to the new 45!

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