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6xt5ho canopy reflector question


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So awhile back i had built a canopy for my 55gal and i installed 6 t5 lights with no individual reflectors in the top with 4 cree moonlights. i just recently bought some lps and sps to add with my softies. do you think it is time to invest in some reflectors for them or do you think they will do ok in the top to mid level of the tank??


right now i have a piece of metal that i curved and painted white above them to spread the color abit. i was thinking of just putting some mirrored vinyl on it so it would reflect more.do you think that is a good idea or should i invest in individual reflectors??


also the problem i may have is the reflectors are 2'' wide and the canopy top im working with is about 11'' so theres no room for moonlights if i tryn to cram them in. maybe go with 4 reflectors or try my mirrored vinyl idea first?


lights are

Front to back


+pure acintic

+blue plus

+fiji purple

+blue plus

+blue plus

+aquablue special

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use 4 with reflectors, it will put more light than six or even 9 without reflectors into the tank.


moonlights are for your amusement. fish and corals do fine and sometimes better without them.

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sooo ditch the vinyl idea and go with 4 eh?



any brand better then others out there that you would reccomend?

i shop at hellolights alot so in afew weeks i will order some reflectors from there if they are good to use.

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