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Dry Rock question


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Getting ready to buy my 29 bio cube and going with dry rock. A few questions.


1) How much should I order?

2) read good things about reefcleaners dry Florida Reef Rock , BRS Pukani Dry Rock , BRS Reef Saver Rock ,

and Macrorocks Key Largo Rock. Has anyone used these in a biocube and if so in what a amounts --

pics would be great



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I used BRS Pukani and have 0 regrets! I will tell you that 1.5 # per gallon will be too much. I order 45#, they sent about 50# and I used less than half of it. It's nowhere near as dense as other rock. It looks great in the tank, and has tons of places for critters and fish to hide.


(I'm really gonna have to get off my but and post a build thread with pics of my JBJ NC28 advanced led.)

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I got the 50 lbs from John at Reef cleaners. I think it was $50 for 50 lbs. Then I took a hammer to it and made my own structure/sculpture. The best thing about dry rock is you don't import pests as with live rock and you can really take your time to build a cool sculpture which I think is fun and really quite easy.


Here's mine:



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So about 35 to 40lbs of reefcleaners or 30 lbs BRS Pukani Dry Rock? For a 29 biocube


Also nice scape Spriofucci

Sounds good, but it depends on what you want to do with that. If you want a minimalist scape then it's a bit much, but a full scape could probably use more. I'd leave room to seed it with LR.

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I got 10 lbs from reef cleaners to add to my 15 lbs of live rock. I have a 25 gallon tank and it filled it really well. I was VERY happy with the rock. The shapes were great and it was very clean. All it needed was some rinsing.

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