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1 hour ago, StinkyBunny said:

EWWWW, Glock cooties. :D The ONLY one to own is a G21. I had a 1st and 2nd gen G17 and I didn't care for them. I've shot the latest generations and still not a fan of the weapon system. They're great weapons if you like them, I don't care for them other than the .45 and to a lesser degree the .40. They just don't aim right for me.

I also hate Glocks, however, at almost 200.00 under retail for a brand new firearm, I never say no.


This one isn’t so bad, they changed some of the things I hated.

3 hours ago, patback said:

What's the difference between 5 and 4? I'm guessing the groove on the grip and the dovetail?

You nailed it. I believe they changed the grip angle slightly, and made a deeper undercut in the trigger guard as well.

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I’m so dumb. Got an email from my TA for advanced psychology statistics that I used the completely wrong data set for an 8 page analysis paper. I probably had multiple tabs open in the analysis software. Ugh. 


She said that the paper overall seemed great and I clearly did the work,  so she woukd give me another chance. I have till midnight to redo it- with classes till 6pm today.  


R.I.P. Wednesday.

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