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Thanks for working late John!

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I placed my first order with Reefcleaners yesterday at 2pm or so which would be at the end of the business day on the east coast., I was shocked to receive an email from John at 8pm my time (11 est!) saying that the emerald crabs I ordered werent compatible with the free express shipping offer and asked if I would like a refund for them. Yes I would., and thank you. I responded and not 10 minutes later I received an email from paypal informing me of the partial refund for the crabs.,


I would like to say Thank you to John., It is refreshing to see someone who actually puts in the time to go above and beyond for even the basic orders (40g quick crew and some coral crack) I made no reference to any forum, was just another order number rolling through.


As a small business owner myself I understand how hard it can be to try to please everyone and working till midnight for routine business certainly shows a mans fortitude. looking forward to receiving my shipment tomorrow. Cheers to you John., I will be a happy customer of yours any time. :D

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Thank you very much mohawk!


Sadly 9pm has become my bed time these days, up at 4. I like to beat the seniors to breakfast, and who wants to be up all night waiting for the 10 o'clock news anyway? :) I used to be on the opposite schedule, it is a moving target to be honest, but glad it worked out in this case.

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