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Aqualifters in Tandem on a JBJ ATO


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Exactly as the title says. My Aqualifter crapped out on me and the pumping mechanism slowed way down to the point where it was a VERY slow drip. I took it apart, cleaned it, and put it back together, but still nothing. I think it may have just been running too hard to push the ATO water up to the tank. I'm getting two new ones and was thinking of putting them on an extension cord and plugging that into the JBJ ATO, but I don't want to fry my ATO too. Will this work?


I don't want to run a MJ600 or Rio or similar pump because it's just too much flow. I was happy with my little Aqualifter, even if it did always struggle to pump the whole way up my stand and into my tank.

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I had this problem and researched it quite a bit. I do not believe the problem is the pump stopped working on you. I do believe the voltage/watts whatever it is is too low for the jbj to trigger the pump effectively. I had brand new aqualifters do this over and over. I will try and find the thread on RC where a guy measures the electrical outputs/inputs whatever dont really know electrical terms and determines the pump is too small to be triggered properly by the jbj. I switched to a MJ600 and find the flow is perfect. I made the tube a little longer than it needs to be to slow the flow down.

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DId you try replacing the diaphragm? It is very cheap and an easy fix.




About $3 from BRS and it works wonders on the pump. After replacing mine it went from a slow trickle to pumping water about 5' with no issue.

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Try this- plug the aqualifter directly into the wall. Dont change anything other than it being plugged into the JBJ. Leave the resevoir the tubing everything the same and see if the pump works. That is what I did and determined it was the connection from the JBJ to the AQL.


I literally unplugged the AQ lifter from the JBJ and into the wall socket and it worked fine. As soon as I plugged back into the JBJ it would not work. I tried everything and could not get the JBJ to trigger the pump. Same head pressure, distance, everything was the same except the source of electricity for the pump.


As soon as I switched to the MJ600 I have not had one issue in months.


Try this before you spend a bunch of money on new Aqualifter pumps.

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I plugged it into the wall and it still stunk. I've had the thing set up for almost a year and it has run dry quite a few times when I left it in the care of others. I think the pump might just be fried. I will replace the diaphragm on mine, but in the meantime, I've ordered two new ones.

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