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hair alge growing on star polyp


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I've been having a real problem with hair alge in my 16 day old tank. I got my CUC in 3 days ago with no reduction in alge so far. The worst part is that I now have hair alge growing on my star polyp. You're probably wondering why I already have a star polyp in my tank at this point. Went to an expo and got one for free and was told it could make it in a new tank. Up until yesterday it was doing great. But once the alge started growing on it's skin, it receded and hasn't come out in a couple days. I'm worried I'm going to lose it but don't know what to do. How can I get the alge off of it without damaging it?

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Normally I would say slow down. But this is just gap. Did you use distilled water or tap or what? Have you put nutrients in the tank to help cycle? What's your light situation? Do you have any flow other than the filter. And I would not worry too much gsp comes cheap and easy

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I am very careful about my water. I bought my saltwater to fill the tank and for water changes, and RO water for top offs all from a fish store that installs and maintains tanks in commercial buildings. I added a product called Stability to the tank for 8 days, with water changes, and when I added my CUC and will add it with each new tank addition. I added the Koralia 425 powerhead. I have my actinic on for 12 hours/day and the daylight CF on for 10 hrs/day.

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