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LARGE purple hand leather


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I just picked up a show size purple devils hand leather from a local reefer.



It came on a small clay "donut", and a medium size peice of rock.



The "foot" of the leather is mostly on the the "donut" but it has started to grow onto the other rock.. and has become attached to the rock.



My question.. How do i remove the rock from the leather? (while keeping it attached to the donut, and not nuking the whole tank with toxins?)


Ive fragged a few leathers in the past for friends, but ive never cut the foot of a leather? only ever a finger.

I really dont want to go hacking at it with a scapel so quick after adding it to the tank..but right now its almost impossible to position on my rockwork with this much rock on the foot. And anyway i can get the rock to sit nice half of its smooshed on the glass.





Its in a 20g, so it takes up ALOT of room (roughly 12" x 8" when closed!) and will be the main focal point of the tank when i can get this rock off and get it in the spot i want it.

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Builder Anthony

razor it b4 turning on the lights.i frag leather all the time the part w no polyps i would remove because it will most likely disenerate or turn black ...main should heal in 1 to 2 weeks depending on lighting.or just cut it right off at bottom and rubber band it and anchor it.thats a big leather even closed would like photo

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