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best moon light's


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for a 29G 24x 24x 12 deep?


How much moon light's are too much? but what are perfect to highlight my coral, but at the same time allow my night crawler's to come alive unaffected and coral to rest as needed?


looking for something that will light up my tank evenly, preferably around $100 if possibly, but if more let me hear it?

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Basketball Prodigy

I paid $80 for two ReefBrite 3w LED Flat Moonlights and every coral bright colored coral just pops. Also corals rest and the nocturnal creatures come out. These light my 75 gallon reef at night.

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I have two 3w Royal blue moonlights and a $10 moonlight driver from Rapidled.com. These work perfectly in my experience. I use some cheap submersible led bars off Ebay on my 20L. I wouldn't submerge them though. These work nice too. You dont want much for moonlighting.

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