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Seriously though, this guy organized a really great Christmas Gift Exchange that was a lot of fun.


He's also a great member of the community and has an adorable baby. He's a good guy to deal with.

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Worked out a side deal with him on a MH fixture. Went very smoothly, good communication also. Very personable guy, and easy to do bsns with. Would not hesitate to do it again. Thanks man.

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Thanks Jermi. Test kit showed up today. Stand up guy. When USPS was super slow he was willing to send paypal payment to even the deal. Good guy to trade with

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well i wish i could say what a great experiance i had. we agreed to trade some pendant cables for a test kit. I shipped out on the 8th of April and he stated he did as well. then when i asked him on the 15th if he got that shipped he said he did yesterday(the 14th). now its the 23rd of April and still nothing with no reply to PM's. Hope I didnt get scammed over something so trival.


I know he's a good guy, but not sure where he has been lately. I too have sent him a few pm lately with no response, so I can understand your concerns but I truly believe all should be well.


I know he's been busy with work, and he isn't one to scam. Hopefully he responds to you soon though.

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i understand that S**t happens. I have put off buying a test kit and would really like to be able to test my water. so I'm gonna just go buy one at the LFS for like 30 bucks today. o well live and learn!

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