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Ideas For Moonlighting


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Hi All.


I am wondering what some people have done with their custom LED fixtures for moonlighting. I plan on using a high mounted tight clustered group of emitters with 40 deg optics, probably around 15-20" above the surface. Two of these each having 8 NW, 16 RB, and 3 more to play with colors.


I would like to use half of the RBs at lowest dim level, but it might be too much, but mostly i wanted to see what others did to accomplish this, so what did you do and what would you do differently if anything?



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Milad LEDGroupBuy.com

The trick is finding something that will dim the blues low enough so they arent too much.

I find alot of people use the DIM4 not because its controls the display but it directly drivers LEDs so you can get it them dim enough to use them as moon lighting.


Most drivers get the LEDs down to about 10-15% which is still alot of light for moon lighting.


My 2 cents.

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my plan was to use that controller already. i want to hook up 16 nw on one driver, 16 rb on a second, and 16 rb on the third, leaving the 4th channel for the exotics. i want to run 1 of the rb drivers at its lowest setting so there will be 8 on each side of my tank at i think 10% brightness with 40 deg optics. im thinking it might be too bright tho.

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