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My 20g overstocked?


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Im doing a mixed reef 20g High, mostly zoa's and a few random things here and there. Wondering if im peaking my bioload? Can i think about adding anything else? I was thinking possibly a scooter blenny? and maybe another GCBS?



Tank specs:


20gH marineland

AquaC remora nano skimmer

small hob running carbon/floss

20lbs of LR

30lbs of oolite sand




Current stocklist:




2x perc clowns

1x bowtie damsel

1x domino damsel (very small)

1x yellow clown goby




1x Gold Coral Banded shrimp (small)

1x porcelin crab





6x Large nassarius snails

6x Small nassarius snails

4x Astera snails

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I plan on ditching both damsels at some point down the road. They are mostly in there to keep the boss happy (fiance). The tank is very alive, and the damsels have shown no aggression to any inhabitants (yet)




What other gobies can i keep with my YCG, i was thinking a mated pair of neons even.. since they stay so small?




Ive been interested in a shrimp goby pair, but i really want more active fish, and i value my sand bed, i have a few large yumas/rics sitting on the sandbed.

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