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So I didn't know if a 20L was still in the class of "Pico" but here it goes...


So after much consideration I have decide on a 20L verses the 10G AIO. I figured for not a whole lot more effort on the build I could double the tank size. I drew up the AIO fuge' wall at work and CNC machined it out yesterday afternoon. The chamber dividers are tongue and groove and not just butt joints. I made it 3 chambers after a couple other members thought that it would work better. I am going to make up a drop in media basket for the overflow chamber for filter floss. And the center chamber for growing Chaeto. Pump will be a MJ900 to start with. On order is an AquaStyles 24 LED dimmable DIY kit. My plan is to make a custom splash shield and cover for it.





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