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Drain/Return sizes?


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What do you guys think would be the best size drain and return for a 20 long with a Rio 1700 pump? Im at a loss here as to what I need to have drilled.

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Im using 3/4 for the drain and return on my tweenty long with a rio 1100.... i would probably go with an inch for the 1700


Theres an awsome head calculator on reef central u might wanna check out

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Man you guyswere on t this morning. I have already setup what is going to be my sump and will upload some pics later. Moderator please move to members forums please.....


I was gonna go with the glass holes kit but i dont own power tools ... :-( i just borrow the neighbors:-) also i dont feel really comfortable drilling myself, and my local glass shop will do it for me for 20 bucks. They also do acrylic and are making me an overflow box.

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