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10 Gallon Livestock


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well, I just added the water, heaters and powerheads to my tank. I'm just waiting on my lights and live rock.


I'm starting to think about options for livestock in my tank. I'm definitely going to go with 1 ocellaris clown. I'm considering making 2, but I kinda want to have a fish that occupies a differnt water column of the tank with a different personality. I mentioned possibly a pseudochromis. Let me guys know what you think of the possible options of tank livestock combinations. I wish there was someway to keep all 3, but the bioload will obviously be way too high.


Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who's given me advice and answered all of my questions the last few weeks. All of the advice has been extremely helpful and this site has been the most helpful in helping me start my nano.




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get a citron or clown goby. they're tiny (easy on the bioload), benthic (bottom dwelling) and catatonic most of the time.


if you eventually graduate to acros or some branching stuff or even fake, those little guys sit on them like little birds on a branch. :)

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Here's my .02-


-a wrasse or goby would live in the sand, as tinyreef mentioned

- a blenny would live in the rocks

- a psuedochromis or royal gramma would live in the caves

- clownfish zip around mid-water


Check on whether what you acquire is nano-safe before you get it (ie., don't get a mandarin goby). I think getting two different fish is a good idea- I wish I had done that for variety- but then again I wondered if clowns would be happier in pairs, so I got a pair. If you get clowns, get tank-raised. It is well worth the extra $, and there is less risk of wild-imported parasites. As far as personality goes, each clown definitely has its own.



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I agree with tasha, but there are few, if any, blennies you can put in a 10gal. The small barnacle blennies are the only ones that come to mind. And I think they're super-awesome, just hard to find.


Even gobies, I'd only stick to the smallest ones (Clown/Citron, Red-Head, Neon, etc.).

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y'know i forgot all about the neons and i've been looking for some affordable ones lately too! X)


get a blue and a yellow neon goby. colorful, small, playful and useful! (they're cleaners! :) )

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I would add the dottyback last, after the clownfish. They are very territorial. A book I have (The Conscientious Marine Aquarist) suggests this:


"A good method for adding a dottyback (psuedochromis) to your tank is to use a clear plastic jar with a screw or snap-on lid that has holes drilled or melted into it. The dottyback is secured in the container and then floated in the tank a few days before release. This seems to ease tension and give all parites a chance to get acquainted without being able to get at one another. "


I haven't tried this so I don't know how it would work.


If it were me, I'd get an ocellaris and a royal gramma. Grammas are more peaceful and just as beautiful.

Good luck-


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Hmm. I'm still stuck, since I want the clown to have a companion, but also want some diversity in the tank. Would 3 fish be overstocking the 10?

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the neon goby is ok with the clown imo. the neon hardly adds anything to the load compared to a sloppy clown. they poop small :P .


the gramma, clown and neon would be the most you could reasonably venture imo. two clowns and a neon or two may be better. the key issues are body mass and metabolism. i would equal the gramma/clown/neon with the 2xclowns/2xneons.


the two clowns offer good entertainment value versus a motley of fish imo. i'd lean to them first and then everything else. the interaction of a mated pair is fun (not that kind of fun now, :blush: )

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I'm leanng towards either having 2 clowns with one more fish. The 3rd fish I'm looking for is a fish with a good personality. I was considering a royal gramma, but I don't know that much about their behavior other than the fact that they're relatively peaceful. I was thinking of a fish that hangs out in the little caves and rocks, but obviously won't add too much to the bioload. The neon goby is a possibility as well. any other fish you guys can think of? I'd love a beautiful blue fish. I'm not sure if any fit the bill. I might also go with only one clown and maybe a pseudo.

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> I'd love a beautiful blue fish.


Well, you could get a blue-striped neon goby...


I just flipped through Scott Michael's Marine Fishes, and I think that would be the best one for a 10g. The other possibilities -- damsels or a blue hamlet -- either get too large, too mean, or need more room to swim around.

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