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Latex Edge!


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Heres my 46l fluval edge I've been working on n' stuff

upgraded my pump to the ac70.

modifed the hood and got myself a jbj unibody setup on dis..

Using jbj oceanstrem 2 500gph pumps set at 5 min intervals

15 pnds Fiji Live Rock. (Dense..)

20 pnd carib sea Oolite ocean direct.. (nowai it was 20 pounds of sand, the water in the bag was half the weight it seemed)

5 pounds Pacific Black live sand (for Contrast YO!)

Fluval e-50 heater


tanks been cycling a week Brown algae is poppin' got some button polyps on the back side of a rock, and a couple lil feather duster type guys real small like... heres some pics..





stupid back glass is dirty..

hope ya like it and ill keep this updated as the journey unfolds! lol :P

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