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Velvet or Ich


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Had a battle with marine ich / velvet and wanted some more info.


All my fish were doing well, eating, mature, good color. The tank parameters were all stable and well within specs (the tank is a sps dominated tank).


I fed them one night, looked healthy, weren't breathing fast, and ate well. Next morning (12 hrs later) they were both covered with spots and swimming near the surface with highly elevated breathing. I didn't even both trying to QT them as it would have killed them, within another hour they both died. I was preparing a QT for my other fish that day and by that night all my other fish showed signs, and within 8 hours of that died similar deaths.


The only fish that didn't die was my goby, he has had spots on him for a few days now and is in a QT, he is breathing and eating normally, doesn't seem to be progressing on him.


I have never seen ich develop that fast and was curious if velvet develops faster. It blew my mind how fast they died, in the past with ich I have seen a slow development with plenty of time for QT and hyposalinity.


Anyways the tank is now fallow for 8 weeks. Just wondering if its velvet or ich for future info!

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