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Size of cleaner shrimp


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I have a rather large skunk cleaner shrimp that is currently in my 6gallon fluval edge. It is the only thing i have left from my parents 90gallon reef that they dismantled and sold 1 year ago.

The shrimp is a bit less than 2 inches while my current inhabitants (2 occellaris clownfish) are an inch and an inch and a half respectively. Both fish seem rather scared of the larger shrimp as it approaches them. Because of this, the shrimp never really cleans the 2 fish :(


Are the fish too small for the shrimp to clean them? I really hope that the fish would let themselves be cleaned by the shrimp as i am starting to see little white spots on them (ich... maybe) despite them acting completely normal...


Thanks for your input

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None of fish allow my shrimp to clean them. Some fish just don't like it, especially captive bred fish. Skunk cleaners can't remove ich anyway, so you have to treat that on your own. However, I think the shrimp is too big for the tank. 6 gallons is awfully small for a shrimp whose antennae can be 10 inches across

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