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First sign of life! What is it?


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I am in the process of cycling my Fluval Edge. I noticed this this morning under a rock. At first I thought it was a worm, but now I defiantly think its some kind of starfish. Maybe a brittle star? Should I just let him go. I have nothing in the tank except for LR and LS.


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It's a brittle star. He's a very good guy to have in there, even after corals and fish are in there. Totally safe. I have tons of little mini white ones in my reef tanks and they come out at night to "clean" for me. I'm thinking of buying a bigger one so I can actually see them better. lol

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Actually looks a bit like a feather starfish ... filter feeder and quite hard to keep alive. Any other pics?


He was out last night on the glass. Defiantly a Brittle Star. I will try to get a better pic. By the time I got my camera, he was gone.

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