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Predatory Worm on Colt Coral


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Just thought I'd post a little thread here, in case anyone else has had trouble with their colt coral.


Colt corals are extremely easy to care for; they require virtually nothing to thrive beyond salt water and light.


I purchsed one a few months ago, because despite their drab colors and easy care requirements, they are one of my favorite softies. The coral was fine for about 6 weeks, and then it began to basically just stay closed and very clamped up all the time since about a month ago.


Yesterday it was looking very very rough; extremely retracted and parts of the coral seemed to be stubs missing the polyps. So I decided it was going to expire and I'd better at least give it a dip in TLF Revive in case it had some easy to cure issue. Well well well... about 5 seconds into the dip a 4" semi transparent worm came flying off the coral; it had been slowly feasting on my colt for about a month! I took a macro shot of it which I will post in just a few hours to show any interested parties what it looks like. It was impossible to see while it was actually on the coral, and in fact it may have been IN the coral. Who knows!


Anyway, the coral looks better today than it has in a month, so for now I have to assume that the worm was the source of the damage and poor expansion.


edit: image is now attached


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